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Critical Path Method Scheduling Across the United States

At CPM Solutions, Inc., we’re proud to be a minority and women-owned business enterprise (M/WBE) headquartered in New York City and Nassau County. With a focus on providing critical path method scheduling and payroll services. Our team serves developers, property owners and construction companies throughout the New York metropolitan area and select cities across the United States. Our goal is to offer innovative solutions that enhance project efficiency while maintaining high-quality standards every step of the way.

partners in success

As your partners in success, we become an integral part of your team. We offer valuable guidance on project scheduling and payroll. Our experienced consultants provide personalized support to each client, tailoring our services and contractor opportunities to meet your specific needs. When you choose to work with CPM Solutions, Inc., your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Our Mission

To lead our clients through the arduous tasks of CPM scheduling providing satisfying results, while building a trusting relationship.

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Our Vision

To assist clients in the effective planning and management of their project in order to achieve maximum quality in a minimal amount of time. Our specialty is guarding against unnecessary loss of time.

Our Values

Our values intently focus on a daily display of integrity towards the well-being and success of our client’s investment goals.

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each minute counts

There is low tolerance for wasted time. By placing high value on the appropriate use of time, one can achieve the best results. We prioritize time, each minute of every day counts.

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Our People

Our managers place a very high value on time and view it as the most valuable asset of our clients. Recognizing that time is a diminishing resource, we have built a company that is passionate about spending time wisely.

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